new user, few issues


Feb 19, 2012
Great looking ROM, however I have a few issues.

1. When I download a theme from the repo it downloads VERY slow and thought it maybe because the server hosting them is in the Far East?
2. In the repo, would there be an English section as I cannot understand 90% of what is posted.
3. On my lock screens and in other places such as text message "recommend" it is all in Chinese(?)
4. When I go to view "staus" in setting the phone goes black and there is a force close.
for many of the themes are created by users in china their coding and language is as such. keep looking and you'll find some english ones or you can create your own usin g an english one as a template. their are how to s for creating your own, as for that fc, don't know. ill look around, if i find anything bout it ill post here