Parental control, removal of parental control app ?

Aug 12, 2013
Hi all,

I just spend some lot of time, running into 'problems' with a parental control app. Allow me to explain;

(as a parent of three 'mobile geared up' kids) I installed a nice app called screentime, wich is a parental control app, enabling me to restrict the time my children can use their mobile phone. (e.g. no more youtube after 23:30 )

This worked fine in the past, but after a while I noticed that two of the kids (using a Mi2s and Mi2a) simply removed the app. Quite odd, because normally I would expect this app to safely secure/prevent itself from being deinstalled.

On another phone (Jiayu G4s), the app is working fine, and can not be simply deinstalled by a kid, without entering a set password, as expected.

The Mi2s is running under 4.1.1 JRO03L Miui-4.12.5 wich was the last miui5 version.

I did some googling, and I think that the app is not being registered as a device administrator somehow.
I also tested another parental control app on the Mi2s, but encountered the same ease of deinstallation.

Well, tough luck, took me a lot of time, but for now I'll just use the good oldfashioned parental trick; leave the phone downstairs before you go to bed ;).

I'm not an expert, but I was just wondering if anyone recognised this.

I have a Mi3W myself, and succesfully installed the Lollipop (beta) rom from Ivan. I'm giving this rom a try, I might be lucky if the 'issue' is Miui related, and I can resolve it installing Lollipop.

Tips, advise are very welcome, I am certainly not an expert and just fiddling around to try and get it working properly.


Sep 24, 2012
How much space consume app ? You can set the app as system app using link2sd. Cold be you have system partition without free space but you can convert play store and play services in user applications and get space.

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