[PETITION] Do you want CM official for MI2/2s?

Oct 28, 2013
First I want a good working CM rom which does not drain my battery in less then 20 hours :/
I know CM11 is still WIP but what about CM10.2? Where does the problem come from? The kernel? I mean, there is some huge bug in that rom still...

Signed :)
Nov 23, 2013
sorry m1cha, but for me cm10.2 dont reach the battery life of miui\aosp.. hardly 12 up time\3 screen on here..
do not feel offended, I really appreciate your work and your efforts, your rom in fact are the best, the fastest and fluid, and although the average battery life exceeds the roms with kernel ivan, is not yet able to approach the optimal battery life that could give mi2\s. However, its already okay, because you do it for free, and in your free time, and you did an impressive work for our community. And also, i think that with the next relase of franko kernel (if you do that), battery performance will largely increase, because even in nexus 4, cm kernel consumes too much battery. Thx for your efforts.
Just my two cents.
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Dec 5, 2013
Still I cannot understand it... how can we not get 500 signs?

I thought this petition would be accomplice in minutes and after 3 days still doesn't get the ridiculous 500.

How many users have this phone? xiaomi.com has like 12093712093871209381293 trillions post every day (a lot of Chinese people in this world)
Oct 28, 2013
which bug? cm10.2 has a very good battery life.
Well, the battery just drains super fast. Making the rom useless to me. I do not know if it is a genuine bug or like paulrlz said, CM kernel related. But with AOSP by Xiaomi I get 3-4 times more battery life, that is a huge amount. There are a lot of CM roms who equal the stock roms battery life or even improve this. I would love to use your rom! But for now it's just stock :(
Jan 26, 2013
Signed! :)
EDIT: To be honest, CM10.2 and CM11 do not have the same battery life as AOSP or MIUI roms have. The rom I have found to be the closest is Mokee OS (android 4.4). Its battery use gets worse if you leave it running for a week or so, but if you reboot every few days I still have 95% left after 13 hours.
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