Poor Video Quality In Miui Stock Browser

Nov 21, 2015
Hi there,

since I was watching some live streams (European Soccer Championship) these days I noticed that video quality using MIUI stock browser is really poor (tried with version 7.x and 8.x from weekly builds).
A colleague tried the same stream on Blackbarry and another android device (don't know whether it was OnePlus or HTC or something else) and on both devices the same stream showed a much more better video quality!

Is there any problem here? Or can I change any settings in order to get a better video quality when streaming? Or would another browser be helpful here (if so which one - since there are so many available)?

Many thanks in advance!

Nov 21, 2015
Used sportschau.de (this site was used on the different devices including the blackberry). Activation of ClearMotion unfortunately did not change anything. Any other hints?
If another browser is recommended - which one to choose?
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Jun 5, 2016
Well, i dont think changing ur browser will affect the video qualities. But u could try chrome or anything else besides stock browser to see if it goes better. Personally, I'd prefer to download the video first, then play it with Mx Player and ClearMotion enabled. Awesome quality

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