Porting Issue PropertyValuesHolder.smali

Jan 10, 2013
As some of you know if you have been following @miuiandroid on twitter, they have retweeted some of my tweets about getting a port going on the HTC One X/XL(evita, not endeavoru).

I figured I would reach out to the community.

One of the biggest problems I have right now is PropertyValuesHolder.smali which is located in the framework.jar and framework_ext.jar. The files are different, but looking and comparing other files it seems as if all the files are a tad different. I'm starting to think its the smali/baksmali tools that I am using.

I've checked my bootclasspath for framework_ext.jar and it's there.
I've ran grep to find out what files contain PropertyValuesHolder and copied those from my base, no go.
I've even gone as far as to start from scratch and go with a one by one bug fix, end up with the same error.

If anyone has any idea as to what I my be doing wrong, please inform me of my ignorance. :)
Thank you in advance, hopefully I can get this thing up and running soon.