Problem With Using A Bluetooth Hands-free Calling.

May 27, 2016

I tested the operation of many multimedia car (JVC, KENWOOD, ALPINE, SONY):
- Pairing is immediate;
- Bluetooth read contacts correctly;
- You can not make phone call from the car monitor panel. The call is not activated;
- If the call is made from mi5 then there is no audio transport and you can not switch back on the phone;
- In input, the "reply" button does not work.

The multimedia part (mp3 and telephone voice navigation system) instead looks OK
Currently I have the stable version

I need help please. And sorry for my english :-(

Notes: 2 sim in the phone are installed. With Huawei, Wiko and Samsung no problem
Jun 5, 2016
Same with Redmi 1s and Mi 4C with MIUI.
I use CM 12 and CM 13.1 and no problems with BT, but ... some OTG problems appears with flash drives.
I test many Miui versions and get same troubles with BT.
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Aug 7, 2012
I was having same issue with miui nd this bug is from years not recent.
I finally bought an android based music system nd now it works but still have this cons
1) i have to play music first then connect to Bluetooth coz if i dont do this i won't be able to reverse or forward or change the track of the music.

2) no singer name nothing is visible on car music player.

I love miui but this problem is so irritating and no dev from miui is bothering to fix it while 1000 of users has submitted this problem.

I will request devs to solve this problem as its the problem of Bluetooth.apk

Any other rom on this phone will work nicely
Sep 9, 2016
My problem is that I cant connect to car multimedia (infiniti g37) at all. When I try to connect bluetooth on mi5 turn off and on in 1 sec (like it crashes and than recovers). After that it cant find my car anymore, refresh doesnt help. I need to turn off and on mi5's bluetooth to see any other bluetooth devices.
Connection to iphone4 works normally.
Andrioid ver 6.0.1
miui global stable