[PROBLEM] Xiaomi Mi3 Angry Birds

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  1. flamingrush2

    Aug 26, 2014
    Good afternoon Sir/Ma'am,

    This is my first ever post here.
    I hail from India and I recently purchased Xiaomi Mi3 Google Play edition. First things first the phone is no doubt AWESOME!!! But lately I founded a conflict between Xiaomi Mi3 and Angry Birds(Classic)...

    There are mainly 3 issues I found..

    1) The Angry Birds icon is the old one.
    2) Angry Birds new cloud sync option is not present in the game.
    3) Angry Birds has problems connecting to the internet that is I can neither watch any toons nor buy any power ups.

    NOTE: I am using the latest Angry Birds v4.2.1

    I have played Angry Birds on Samsung Galaxy S3 w/o any problems.

    Can anyone confirm this problem for me? And provide me with a solution.

    Thanking you in advance
  2. Jeffrey van Zeijst

    May 17, 2014
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    are you issues solver already?
    Not sure what you mean with mi3 google play edition??
    you run stock android? only miui possible right?

    i suppose you mean you have playstore and google apps running from stock global rom!

    I tried angrybirds and i too cant connect to the toon.tv or any interenet related sources.
    Your sure its the phone? and not the app..Maybe xiaomi has some issues with permissions to connect to those servers..Ive seen more issues like this and apps behaving different since last 2 weeks. Maybe its because they tighten down the security because of the privacy complains hugo stated on G+!