questions on sticking with the chinese rom

Jan 16, 2013
i would be gratefule if any knoledgeable persons could give me the answer of the question in d., below.

a. my mi 2 version is miui jbl 3.0 which is the original chinese rom that comes with mi 2 handset when i purchased it in december last year;
b. for now i stick to the original rom and i do not want to change to any roms in this website.
c. however, in the handset's folder named "download_rom" contains
"mui-ota- arises ..." and there are also certain notifications of other ota updates.
d. my question is: can i update the "ota updates," specified in c. above, by way of clicking each or any of them and then follow the on-screen instructions (the same way as i updated the ota updates of my nexus s for the past two years) OR i have to follow the update instructions given in the sticky heading " a simple update guide for xiaomi m2" in this sub-forum?
thank you in advance for your assistance.