Reboot on vertical slide with go launcher


Jul 7, 2011

I have installed go launcher because I do not like the MIUI launcher.

Go launcher works very well on MIUI ROM, except when I made a vertical slide the ROM is reboot.

The slide is a vertical slide to the top on the shortcut icone in the bottom bar.
The reboot is not a full reboot because it lasts about 5 s, not more.

I have this issue on all MIUI ROM*since MIUI ROM version 1.7.8 (including the 1.7.29 with a wipe all)

Do you know what is wrong and how to correct this ?
I have solve the issue thanks to the French MUI forum :

it is an issue with right which are not correctly set.

My solution is to open SuperUser application and to disable the authorization management on the bottom.