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  1. jauling


    I noticed recently that the audio in my video recordings on my mi2s are really muffled. It sounds like the microphone on the screen-side is louder than the microphone on the backside (where the lens is). This basically results in all videos having almost no sound of the subjects I'm recording, and really loud if I talk or if there is noise behind me.

    Just to clarify: I'm using the main camera, not the front-facing one.

    Anyone else have this issue?
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    try disable noise cancellation...
  3. jauling


    disabling noise cancellation is a switch that is introduced in 3.8.16? Related to your post here? That thread looks possibly related, but slightly different.
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  5. jauling


    Thanks, I'll wait for the 3.8.16 OTA. The Updater still says 3.8.9 is latest. Will let you know my findings.
  6. jauling


    I upgraded to 3.8.16, and set the 'Phone call noise suppression' option to 'Single mic Noise Suppression'. This option doesn't seem like it helps to boost the audio when taking videos with the back-facing camera.


    It makes sense to me that if you take a video with the back-facing camera then the back-facing microphone should be active. If you take a video with the front-facing camera, then the front-facing camera should be active (or make it selectable). I don't think it is working like this though, what do you think? I'm not using a case that's blocking any of the openings on the back either...

    Is there a way to control which microphone is on or off?
  7. jauling


    Has no one else experienced this? An easy way to test is to take a video of yourself talking with the main camera, then flip the phone around and say the same thing again, while maintaining the same distance of course.

    You'll notice that the recording with the main camera on the back has really horrible audio levels of your voice when you talk to the back of the phone vs when you talk to the front of the phone. I wonder if Xiaomi thinks we prefer to give videos commentaries vs recording the audio of what we're recording?
  8. pillepalle12

    May 21, 2013
    Hi, tried it like you said and could not register any sound differences when flipping the phone while recording. Sounds the same and not muffled...

    Edit: running Miuiandroid 3.8.16