Redmi 1S & and clean/fastboot multilang install: best way to go about it?

Sep 3, 2014

I get a number of Redmi 1S from the minideal/vickmall etc. These arrive with either some custom (ie neither official English/Chinese, nor multilang) or with the official English/Chinese older version.

In order to provide them in Greece, my intention is to install the latest stable multilang (for example, V41.0 currently). I am not sure though which way is the best to go about it. What I am currently doing is the following:

  1. Flash with fastboot the official fastboot English/Chinese STABLE V37.0.0
  2. Immediately do a full wipe
  3. Reboot
  4. Transfer the multilang V41.0 into the internal memory
  5. Boot into MiRecovery and flash multilang
  6. Again full wipe
  7. Boot
Like I said, I want to make sure that this is a fully clean install, to minimize FCs etc. However, in some threads (xda-developers etc) I saw that many of them at step 1 do not immediately flash V37.0.0. They prefer to flash V23.0.0 or V.24.0.0 English/Chinese. Afterwards they upgrade, as an intermediate step, to a later English/Chinese version, before flashing the multilang.

So my question is which is the right way to go about it? Is "my" approach correct? Or is it perhaps that fastboot flashing of V23/V24 is needed to set something correct in the partitions?
Mar 20, 2012
Normally I just put the multilang firmware on an SD card renamed to, then do a full data and cache wipe in recovery, then just install

I was under the impression that FC's are related to the poor ram management on the redmi 1s. I recently flashed stable multilang 41 on a friends and the ram usage is super high and FC's are happening. However the v41 multilang is based on the chinese stable v41 which has actually been pulled from so I think it has problems.

What i'm planning to do is update to V37 stable using the method above, then i'm gonna do a factory reset from inside the phone. Then i'm gonna run greenify and hibernate a load of the start apps to free up ram and then hope for the best and wait until xiaomi actually decide to fix the high ram usage issue.
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Sep 3, 2014
Well, your response is a bit off-topic, but OTOH you've covered a sensitive issue here: I also feel that multilang V41.0.0 (and even V37.0.0 to an extend) is extremely laggy. Yesterday using chrome for example it was impossible to preserve any smoothness at all... Can you use greenify by just using the built-in root mechanism? Is it reliable that is?

On topic now: so you do not do any fastboot using some more recent firmware, before flashing multilang, correct?