[redmi 2] - Imei = 0 Sur Sim1 Et Imei = 0 Sur Sim2

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    May 19, 2015
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    I'm french. I receive my first Xiaomi a Redmi 2 (China Unicom - 2014811) last week.
    Since last friday, I try it.
    First, I replace the original MiUi multilingual by a version traduced for french by MIUI-FRANCE.
    I suppose that cause the replacement of IMEI codes by 0 !
    And now, I have some problems with the IMEI code (the system is not able to finish the creation of the Mi account ont the phone for example) and also with data [​IMG].

    After a lot of different tests (3 SIM from 3 different networks), I find that in the parameters of the phone the IMEI code is ZERO for SIM1 and ZERO for SIM2...
    So I have to replace the right IMEI in my phone, could you give me a tutorial or the name of the application (I found some tutos for Mediatek chipset and for Redmi 1S but not for Redmi 2).
    Thanks for your help !
    Best regards.
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    Your EFS partition could be gone. Try to reflash your phone with MiFlash, good luck.