[redmi 4 Prime/pro]

Dec 6, 2016
Hi friends, nice to be part of the forum.

I bought a Redmi 4 Prime which has GPS problems. Specifically, when using Google Maps or similar on my car, the position is often in stall, then after few seconds fix again the GPS and repeats continuously. Sometimes also appears ''searching GPS signal''.

The problem was present with MIUI Global Stable (custom rom of ******* online shop) and is still present with Xiaomi.eu Dev 6.12.2.

Anyone noticing the same issue?

Can I try to solve this by software?

I didn't found anything on the web, not for Redmi 4 specifically. May I use the fix guide of another model (I see the same issue for many others, like Redmi 3, Remdmi Note 3, Mi5 etc.)?

Nov 24, 2016
Hi friend, I recommend reflashing ROM with MiFlash tool (using .tgz ROM...) probably something is wrong in ROM. After that check it. If you continue with problems probably something is wrong in phone.