[REQ] GalaxyTab-like email client for MIUI (split view) ?


Nov 23, 2011
Hello everyone,

first let me congratulate for MIUI - it is a real state-of-the-art project and has served me well on my Milestone (A853) for some time now. I have tried several options available and MIUI works for me best for this phone.

However, I miss a good email client. The one built in MIUI actually lacks some features (moving messages between folders or between accounts, and split pane view, e.g.) and it also has an annoying bug (certain messages in an Exchange account remain in the phone's inbox, although I have moved them to other folders.

Therefore, although there have already been some discussions, I have not managed to find a fine email client that would run on MIUI.

On the original Froyo ROM (which sucks, by the way) there was at least the option of running the Samsung GalaxyTab's email client, which is really nice (but actually does not work on MIUI):


Is there any chance of running this client (or prepare a similar one) on MIUI?
And yes, I have tried some other clients from the market (like the author of the above cited post did) but am not satisfied with them.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards.