[REQUEST] Triple Fix - Lockscreen, Ghost Notification, SMS Split


Oct 31, 2011
These are the only three things I have yet to get right on my phone, and while not major, they sure do bug the crap out of me. :D

The lockscreen is one of those topics I've seen discussed dozens of times over, but never fully resolved. Basically, all I'm trying to accomplish is to have no lock screen, but keep the PIN. All market apps I've tried can disable the lock screen...but also take the PIN with it. I want the security, but not the redundancy of sliding, then entering a pin.

The ghost notification - I know there is another fix for this - reprovisioning an old phone, deleting the messages, reflashing, etc. However, I do not have an old phone to do it with. In addition, I refuse to believe that the only possible solution to this annoyance is through such an archaic method. I mean...isn't there a way to just delete the damned graphic that shows the icon? Make it a transparent .png or something? I tried finding the specific .apk, but can't seem to get it.

Last is the SMS split. I saw a post for an older version, but would love to see this baked-in proper like. ;)

Thanks for listening to me.