requested feature larger call id

Billy King

Jul 8, 2011
how about an option for the caller id picture in the centre instead of the wallpaper, or maybe even full screen (although full screen tends to go blocky with low res facebook images)

is this something you are implimenting / considering adding in the future?
i have tried several apps, and they all fail with syncronisation.
You already have that feature...Go into Contacts, choose your contact then edit. You'll see an "Add Photo" option. click on that, add your photo and there you have it.. Full screen caller ID.. As you say, make sure it's a resonable res or it'll look rubbish...

and if we have all our photos in gmail
i will need to download those and edit photos to get full screen caller id ?
no way to do it without needing to edit as i dont have my contacts photos on my phone its synced from gmail
When I do as you told I don't get like you fullscreen but only in the left corner a small photo beside the caller name why?