Requests for next releases


May 19, 2011
What I feel the lack?
Name and surname in contacts, contacts view (surname 1st) and account choose to assign them (google, phone, etc.).

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Here are somethings I'd like to be fixed/added:

* Add MIUI weather by default (which means it should also support all countries :D)... Unlock animations would be cool too!
* Make the lockscreen have the option to not show a picture. i.e, just make it view the wallpaper on the homescreen (live wallpapers appear animated!)
* I don't know why, but that overclock, under lock toggle was really cool! I miss it.

Its pretty good as if, just alittle nip and tuck needed thats all :)
I would like to have option as to how many emails should be in inbox ie. 10 emails, 20 emails, 2 days sync. etc.

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I think the ability to customize how notification will appear on the top bar will be helpful.

For an example, I use Llama to automate most of my setting changes, based on my location.

But since it shows up on the topbar as a persistant notification, it counts as a new notification for MIUI's lockscreen, which is a little bit distracting. :p
I'd like to in future versions incorporate both

1. text launcher icons are in bold, as in a version that was about 4 weeks ago

2. re-incorporate the old system to return the call when one was in the home or other application, was a green bar above that said again on the call and put it on the status bar