Restoring app setting after wipe cache and data


Jun 8, 2011
New to rooting and custom roms so apologies for the noob-ness of the question.

Background first: Moto Droid 1, MIUI, ROM manager

When I am updating to a new weekly build (I ALWAYS backup the current rom first), I select the rom in ROM Manager and select the 'wipe dalvik cache' usually. I installed MIUI 1.6.3 and it had some problems (slowness, FC's, etc.).

I restored the previous rom and went back into ROM Manager, selected the 1.6.3 rom and this time selected 'wipe data and cache' and 'wipe dalvik cache'. This time everything worked perfectly, but all my apps were gone.

Is there a way to restore app settings after a 'wipe data and cache' rom install? I don't mind having to reinstall my apps, but then having to completely reconfigure them all is a real pain. Anyone have advice on making a full cache and data wipe slightly less painful?

I'm not sure how ROM Manager works for backups, I use MIUI backup, its great. Titanium Backup works well too. Both restore app data, but MIUI backup comes with the rom so you just open it and restore everything. The restores are stored on your SD card, so wiping everything won't affect it, and you can restore all your apps and app settings, and then restore desktop screens AFTER that and your apps will even be in the same places!
Thanks for the double reply @memolino1, I didn't realize I poised almost the same question in this thread. I appreciate you taking the time to answer both though!