Root Then Unroot And Restore Safety Net?

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  1. Hi, I want to temporarily root my phone for a week or two so I can check what LTE bands I'm using. What's the best way to do this and then afterwards the best way to unroot and restore safety net.

    I don't want or need long term root so no xposed or magisk safety net fixes are needed.

    I'm on the latest miui 8 rom 7.7.20 on my Note 4 Global (mido).

    Can I flash supersu, and once done use its built in unroot option, then if I reflash the same rom will that restore safety net. I'm concerned about dm verify and triggering that, if I flash something to disable it, how do I re-enable it again after. Also I'm encrypted if that makes a difference.

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  3. Thanks, I've used that at the moment, but I think it just guesses based in what it thinks my carrier uses, for example it never says I have band 20 even though my carrier should support it. I've also flashed a custom modem to enable carrier Aggregation, so my phone now displays LTE+ in supported areas, this should mean I'm using two LTE bands at once but LTE Discovery only shows one band all time. It normally just shows band 7 whereas my carrier uses band 3, 7 and 20. Maybe it's correct though and my phone is just using one even though it says LTE+

    I was going to try with network signal guru that people seem to recommend

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