Samsung Galaxy S II | Video calls

Dec 20, 2011
Im using samsung galaxy SII, i just installed this fabulous ROM MIUI 1.12.9

The problem is i find a few major bugs which really annoying me :

1- i can't send or receive video calls .
2- mails act weird
"some time get an old mail already ready as unread
& can't cash mails older than 1 month.
also i can't open attachment at offline mode if i didn't open it before."
3- i can't swap right or left to call or SMS contact
4- i can't mange my contact early like before
"mainly can't merge contact with Facebook account "
5- call records doesn't work
6- i have install a program (market changer), can't download as on old ROM the normal apps like google maps.
" wish if you could install it by default to prevent such an error"
7- if its possible to give the mail the same notification properties as sms it will be Waooo.
( wake screen from sleep , popup over lock screen )
8- why there is screen lock contain all accounts , notification , RSS
( fly-screen is a great app regarding this but the interface is sucks )