SD card dead, MIUI wont boot, what shall I do with a new one?


Dec 23, 2010
Hey guys,
just a little question, my 4GB micro SD just died for good, nothing can format it, Windows can't, Gparted LIVE and Ubuntu can't either.

No biggie, I was planning to get a 16GB one tomorrow anyway, just my question, MIUI naturally wont boot at this point (hangs on the pink boot circle of my Desire) since the EXT3 is missing.

Now, when I get the 16GB SD tomorrow, I plan to format it with a 1GB EXT3 Partition, the rest FAT32. Can I just stick the SD Card in and MIUI will boot again? Or do I need to wipe the caches or possibly even reinstall MIUI?

Thanks for help in advance!

btw I'm running eMIUI_0.12.18
This caused my life a living hell for 2 days. Honestly there is a lot of conflicting data out there on if you should partition cards now or not. If you have a RA backup with EXT then you'll be fine. If not then you'll prob have to start from scratch.
This problem made my life a living hell for about a week. But, what I ended up doing was this. Formatted new sd card with ext3. Install ubuntu gained Root access transferred the old ext3 files to my new card. Otherwise on boot I would be hung up on the beginning logo.
Thanks for the heads up guys! I partitioned the new SD Card from inside Alpha Rev CWM and started over since my Nandroid of eMIUI had a MD5 mismatch, guess the old card was borked all along.