Search in GAL from phonebook??


Aug 10, 2011
I am using the rom from over two months and it simply great!

I configure my work exchange account and it is great but I found out that when I write an email from that , the system search for the person in the GAL but I dont find that feature in the phonebook. I think that would be a very nice feature ... or maybe it is possible and I am missing something...

I tried third app that search in GAL but none of them are taking the mobile phone from the contact.

anyone has manage to do this?

thanks a lot.

i tried it out but i was looking for something more integrated, the phone book is already searching into my contacts of my exchange it is almost there.
for example when searching for a person in the phone book , it could also search in the GAL when that person is not found locally. that would be a great feature. i think corporate address app is open source, i am not expert on android :( but some expert could copy and paste that code in the phone book app... ;)