New SGS2 HDMI TV Out- Wireless connection conflict

Aug 22, 2012
Dear all,

First of all I'm veryy happy to move MIUI..Briefly I'd like to thanks for everybody working on this project.

I have interesting issue but I couldn't find similar thread in forum. I'm able to connect my SGS2 to my TV via MHL port with original HDMI adapter. Visually no problem. (sound is also ok)
But when I connect my device via MHL port, it pauses Wi-Fi connection even wifi connection exists and at connected state.. Just, no process can use wifi connection while adapter is attached. If I remove HDMI adapter, immediately device starts using wifi connection as usual..It seems like a conflict on wifi and MHL output issue..There is no error message etc..

(HDMI oout option was working properly on my previous rom (not MIUI) also I've tried same thing on my wife's phone (SGS2) still has the same problem with MIUI.

Has anybody faced of this problem ?

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2
MIUI Version: 2.8.31
Aug 22, 2012

I've just upgraded to version 2.9.14 but HDMI-Wifi conflict issue still is the same.
There is no problem using mobile data while phone connected to TV. But if you try wifi no chance to connect..
For instance make you clear, you just open wifi (TV connected) and it try to connect, but no progres.
When you remove HDMI connection it connect immediately very fast in a second ..

Something prevent wifi working while HDMI connected..Please check this matter.
This is the only problem I'm dealing with MIUI rom...And I use TVOUT option very often..

Best regards