Resolved SGS2 i9100 Double SMS Bug (and other issues) - MIUI 2.3.23

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Mar 18, 2012
Just updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 from MIUI 2.3.16 to 2.3.23. A couple of bugs rightaway:

Double SMS: Recipients keep getting double SMSes from my end, even though in SMS records only 1 sent SMS appears. I also get multiple delivery reports meaning they are actually been sent repeatedly. Anyone got a patch for this? Need it urgent, keeps p****ng my friends off!

No Contact Names in SMS app: I have contacts saved in my Contacts, but in SMS app it's just showing them as their phone numbers. It's not showing their names. It's also happening for random people it seems. Only to people from whom I got the msgs after updating the ROM. Those who sent msgs before this haven't had their names vanished.

Rest is working smooth so far, I'll keep posting updates in case I notice any more bugs.

LogCat attached, for you tech-ninja's reference :)


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Unfortunately the only fix I found is to revert back to the previous release. Have even tested third party SMS apps with no luck. Hope that MIUI team can fix it untill next release. Really annoying bug..
chompSMS from Google Play will temporary solve the duplicate sms issue. Just use this app instead of ordinary MIUI messaging app untill it's fixed.
Issue has been fixed for this weeks release. Closing thread down since the bug is resolved for the new dev release and Chomp SMS is a work-around fix.
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