New SGSII Show SIM Contacts in Contacts Menu is not working properly

Luis Felipe

Jun 15, 2012
Hi u all from Spain... this is my first post
- On Samsung Galaxy S2 using MIUI 2.6.8 (and also in previous versions, so I assume this is happening in 2.6.15 also), once the phone is restarted after flashing the ROM (and also in subsequent restarts), although the option Contacts -> Settings -> Show SIM Contacts is enabled, this option is ignored at boot time, so one has to manually disable and re-enable it to make it take effect.
- Following this, as MIUI does not have the option Add Contact to SIM (what anyway is desirable, i.e. Custom Samsung ROM offers it), if one use an 'external app' to add contacts to SIM, the process to disable / enable SIM Contacts has to be done again... so it seems to me that system should be event-change-aware with respect to changes into SIM contacts, at least if the option show SIM Contacts is enabled.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your answer, mate, but I fear that this is not solving the issue, as my concern is about using SIM contacts exclusively (and forgetting the in-phone contact list)... also, as i mentioned in the first post, having an option for adding contact to SIM should be desirable.