New Small Contact Photos


Sep 22, 2011
Hi Guys,

This is a recurring issue that has been plaguing MIUI for many months - I can only sync small images from google or facebook to my contacts. I use haxsync to sync/join facebook contacts (and images) to my phonebook contatcs. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this feature not actually implemented?

I have found a more in-depth bug report here, but I have not tried adding contact images to phonebook contatcs as I do not have photos of each contact, I need to grab them from facebook. This bug report is also dated late August and I cannot find any update or resolution.

The feature is confirmed as being implemented here under section 4.


Feb 16, 2012
I have interested this feature in MIUI rom.

When I do add picture to contact from SD card , the photo contact can display large image when call in-out .
But it can not work in case the picture is available in contact or sysn from Google / FaceBook / Xiaomi or send from another phone.

Even the contact photo can display large already in phone, but when I do backup and restore contact again ( in case update ROM) this feature will be loss effective. I have to redo addition contact photo from SD card again.

I hope MIUI team can solve this problem soon .


Feb 26, 2013
Im using 3.4.5 and with the Hi-res images in my contacts don't sync correctly in MIUI but in AOSP no problem is full size pictures in Mi-2. How to solve this besides using Xiaomi sync if Google did the job fixing the bug?


Jun 19, 2011
The problem is still unsolved in april 2013 even in v5.
Example. I have two images for two contacts. Both same filesize and same resolution. One contact gets the hires pictures in the contact details, the other only the small round "icon size" image. In ASOP all of my contact have a big image and in MIUI v5 almost none. The ones I change manually sometimes (totally random) go back to the default small picture. Is a special image size/quality needed to make this feature work as advertised?