SMS texting bug

Dec 10, 2010
so when I use the MIUI texting program everytime i receive or write text's with "no" or "yes" or any other letter combination that would produce a smiley, it will display that smiley instead of displaying "yes" or "no" or whatever. This would be fine if it the app would have a setting to disable emoticons. Though my real problem is that it's doing it for words that arent just stand alone yes's and no's. For example the word "north" would display as "*thumbs down*rth" or the word "normal" will display as "*thumbs down*rmal"

It seems this only happens with words that start with "yes" "no" and not with words that contain them; "anomalous" will not produce that same results

EDIT: also an unrelated issue is that the time stamp for the text list seems to be displaying random or inaccurate times, dont know whats up with that