[SOLVED] How to restore a /data folder from corrupted backup

Aug 11, 2013
Edit: SOLVED, read the 2nd post below for full explanation.
Hi everyone, I need some help.
I've messed up with my phone (MI 2) and now I have a corrupted CWM backup from which I've extracted the /data folder. Now I'd like to flash it back to restore all the apps and their settings.

I figured out 3 different ways to do it, so basically I'll ask 3 questions:
· How can I create a working CWM backup from a custom folder to be put in /data?
or - conceptually easier but since now unsuccessful (full explanation later)
· How can I replace the /data folder with my updated one?
or - even simpler but I can't find how to do it
· How can I fix a corrupted CWM backup? (It is NOT md5 mismatch issue, is the backup that is corrupted)

If not complex enough I have a Mac with no ADB (haven't found the MI2 drivers yet), and I'm on a custom ROM (this - amazing!)
Also I constantly fail in writing anything in the system folder, even though I mounted system dir with r/w permission with two different apps.

Any kind of help is appreciated, since this problem is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance.
Aug 11, 2013
Solved using a paid feature of Titanium Backup called restore from nanrdoid backup.
Not the best solution though, somehow it does not restore everything, like wallpapers or Nova launcher configuration.

For a person like me having to purchase an app to make this small operation once is disappointing.
I'll leave this for helping people with their similar problems, but if you are a developer you might want to create a better solution.