New Sony Xperia Arc S (LT18i) Bug for v5 3.4.12


Dec 16, 2012
Clean install, wipe/format everything before installing v5


1. Lupus kernel seems to have an issue creating bootloops, Fusion seems to be fine.
2. That empty folder after installing v5? bug?
3. Pin lock - that emergency call thing below number 7.
4. Blinking screen (twice) upon waking up.


1. About the recording format in v4, where you can choose .3gp and AMR, removed in v5?
2. Shortcut for camera button if camera is not active also removed? I used to capture screenshots by that button in v4, and now it is gone.
3. Other shortcut for screenshot? or any possible way to capture screenies easily?
4. Google gallery also gone? both miui and signed version?

-suggestions?looking forward to?haha xD-

First of all, it was a great ROM indeed, way way better than the v4, animation was so smooth, no lag animation in editing widgets, that individual toggles rox! and the precise contact letter was fixed from v4 =p

as for my suggestions..
1. Maybe create a black one, or maybe a blue instead of orange default theme, or if possible, a lot of different colors. :D default v5 for me is great, clean, looks nice and decent, so maybe a color template would be great for people who doesn't want to theme xD
2. I think it is better to remove the names of an individual toggles widget and adjust the size, since i think it is a widget and not an icon.
3. Letters at the right side in contacts, i think it is overlaying or something of the background, cutting a little background could make it look neat. heres an example..


My Suggestion (rush - not really perfect though xD)

Well, i guess that's everything and i am really sorry for my bad English >__<

I'll do my best to help to make this rom as nearly as perfect. :D

Kudos to you guyz! For doing such a great job ;) keep it up!

ingbrzy Multilang leader
Staff member
Feb 11, 2012
- that letter bar in contacts is ok.. touch it for quick navigation..

- Screenshot can be made by pressing menu + Volume down

- what about PIN lock..?


Dec 16, 2012
-yeah, letter bar is ok.. seems to be better xD
-about the pin lock, the word "emergency call" doesn't seem to fit the button, and i think that "ok" button is useless :D

-another bug-
1. i have an issue with wifi, i can't connect, or rather, i cant turn on wifi. says "turning on wifi" it fades and after a few minutes, it turns back to normal.
2. issues with reboots (skips kernel boot) on some apps and options, like making emergency call, etc.
3. status bar shows after making a call and freezes..needs to remove the battery to restart.
4. ussd code not working.

been doing full wipe, redownload, reflash and doing a lot of test, still, these bugs keeps popping xD
thats it. and thanks for the tip about screenshots ; )