[Stock rom] [Redmi 7] Flash package verification failed in MiAssistant


Aug 12, 2023
Hi there Xiaomi community...

I'm having an issue trying to verify a package using Mi Assistant whilst it's the correct rom for the phone.

The phone is stuck in a bootloop (bootloader not unlocked) and i can only boot into recovery and fastboot or wipe the device. USB debugging wasn't turned on before it went into a bootloop so i can't do much from that side either...

My aim is to try and salvage the data by using Mi Assistant and choosing the re-flash the stock firmware. There's an option in the program to try and salvage the data on the left pane whilst flashing or Quick flash on the right which is a clean flash. (I can't reach that stage).

The phone is recognized by Mi Assistant and shown [see attached files]
I downloaded the corresponding correct ROM... (and tried multiple other + older versions only to realize that Xiaomi doesn't allow downgrading).

Then i choose the local flash package miui_ONCLITEEEAGlobal_V11.0.2.0.QFLEUXM_51a56db6c0_10.0 [ZIP] and it starts to verify only to give the error [see attached files]: Flash package verification failed - unknown [2013]

I basically can't verify the ROM for some silly reason...
Already brought the phone to a mobile phone "doctor" but they said that resetting was the only option, or they could swap the motherboard because they weren't sure if it was a hardware or software issue... Thing is it looks like a soft-brick to me and seeing as i can connect and it does recognize the phone i thought i would try this.

Is this a common issue? And if yes how can i fix this?

If there isn't... Is there a way that i can get to the data in another way? Or is a hard reset or flashing via fastboot the only option???

Thanks in advance.


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Aug 12, 2023
Global EEA ROM is not local but official SW.
This is a forum dedicated to custom ROMs from xiaomi.eu.
You are using official SW. Go to the Xiaomi site.
Yeah i know but my problem is that i can't seem to find the official stock ROM for redmi 7 on the offcial site (So i downloaded a bunch off of other sites). I can find for the 7A and the Note 7 but not official rom for for the Redmi 7. And i gathered that i would post my problem here to see if anyone faced the same problem in the past... I know the phone is older so past experiences might help me tackle this problem.


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Apr 22, 2021
This forum is not the place where you should solve the installation of official ROM. Go to the Xiaomi site.
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