Stuck Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite


Apr 6, 2021
I have a serious problem with my Mi 9 Lite. Note that, I have never installed any other ROM, and I have never rooted the phone. It's just the way it was when I bought it a year ago.

Yesterday, the phone rebooted every 5 minutes, did that 5 times.
After that, it keeps rebooting at the mi logo screen, and a couple of times at the MIUI logo screen. It never loads MIUI. Sometimes, it shows "FASTBOOT".

What I tried:
1) Pressed power button + volume UP. Then did a "Wipe Data". Problem persists.
2) Waited for battery drain, left it overnight, charged it again. Problem persists.
3) Downloaded the mi assistant. Then volume UP + power button, and selected the mi assistant option. Mi assistant does NOT locate the phone.
4) Went to fastboot. Mi assistant pops up message that I should connect it normally, and then fastboot.
5) Tried Xiaomi/ADB Fastboot tools. It seems that bootloader is LOCKED, so I can not flash the official ROM again.

I am still in warranty, but I bought it from another european country, and now I moved to a country that has no representatives of xiaomi. So I have to figure it out in order to avoid buying a new device.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!