Sudden Restart Problem

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi 3' started by loko, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. loko


    Jun 2, 2014
    Two months ago, a friend asked me to install a multilanguage ROM in his brand new Xiaomi MI3 WCDMA device, since he is not fluent in English.

    Since then, the device exhibits sudden restart problems, even after factory resetting the phone and clean installing any multilanguage ROM.

    At first, I flashed the official stable fastboot image Mi3 WCDMA JXDCNBD14.0 (4.3), then updated to multilanguage KitKat 4.5.9 / 4.5.16 / 4.5.23 / 4.5.30 and had serious sudden restarts several times a day. I repeated the whole flashing procedure several times, always having the same result.

    After this unacceptable behaviour, I flashed the official developer fastboot image Mi3 WCDMA 4.5.30 (4.4), then updated to multilanguage KitKat 4.5.30 / 4.6.6 / 4.6.13 / 4.6.20 / 4.6.27 and now the sudden restarts are still appearing but only about twice a week.

    Is it possible for the multilanguage ROMs to exhibit such behaviour, in conjunction with some particular stable/developer base?

    Could multilanguage Xiaomi MI3 WCDMA ROMs need a specific developer base instead of a stable one?

    Sadly, I never thoroughly tested the phone using the official stable Chinese/English ROM, so it can simply be some weird incompatibility, or the phone can indeed have some sort of defective hardware. Since my friend is currently using the device, it will be difficult to reinstall the official stable Chinese/English ROM for further testing.

    As you can understand, if it is a minor hardware problem, it will be very difficult to try to send the device back to China, especially if the sudden restart problem appears only twice a week, since it could be hard to be diagnosed.
  2. eclaiy


    Jun 21, 2014
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    My procedure :
    1. Wipe all (i mean all) via MiRecovery.
    2. Shut down the phone.
    3. Flash Fastboot CN v.14 via MiFlash.
    3. Flash CN v18 or Dev ROM v4.6.27 via MiRecovery.

    Thats should be okay. If not, im afraid there's something wrong with the hardware.
  3. loko


    Jun 2, 2014
    Of course I had wiped the phone through recovery as always, both before and after flashing.

    The only difference is that I used the provided batch file along with the command line platform-tools fastboot.exe to flash the official ROM, instead of using the MiFlash utility.

    I had serious repeatedly restart problems with the official stable JXDCNBD14.0 base.

    I rewiped and reflashed the phone several times, having exactly the same results.

    After flashing the official developer 4.5.30 base, I only have random reboots every two or three days.

    I just asked to find out if there are other devices exhibiting the same behaviour, probably from the same batch. In that case, if it is indeed an existing minor hardware problem, a future official base which could be more stable would be probable.

    I guess I will wait for an official stable KitKat base, before thinking of sending the phone back to China.
  4. deini


    May 11, 2013
    Latest stable MIUI is an official kitkat stable ROM.
    But I'm afraid your problem won't be solved with software...
  5. loko


    Jun 2, 2014
    Under the latest available version is KXDCNBE18.0.

    I am usually watching the following useful threads for downloading ROMs for all Xiaomi devices:

    Recovery update images thread for all Xiaomi devices, found under the Mi2A forum:

    Fastboot update images thread for all Xiaomi devices, found under the Mi3 forum:

    Older but now obsolete fastboot update images thread, found under the Mi2/2S forum:

    These useful threads are updated each Friday.

    For the moment, under Xiaomi Mi3, the last version seems to be JXDCNBD14.0.

    I guess this Friday, the KXDCNBE18.0 version will be correctly listed.

    Now, I have to ask my friend to give me his device, to flash the KitKat official stable base.