In Progress The only, maybe 2, bugs i saw until now on .23

Mar 25, 2012
When you down your status bar and try to enter the 2g/3g config the phone freezes and

I dont know if thats a bug, i think it is because there is 3g where i am (im in another state, on my aunt`s house). I can't get 3g to work, even with only 3g (i forgot the real letters) enabled, the phone gets 2g, and its on roaming. I don't know if it doesn't show the 3g text because of the "r" for roaming, but the internet speed is, for sure, not 3g.

As i started using this while i was here, i don't know how it is on my hometown.

edit: sorry, forgot to mention.. im using the SG2 version..

obs: is video call working ? When i hang the call, it shows a "video call" option, but it always say my "network" doesn't support it. Maybe its something to do with the above error....
Please try downloading the ROM again and flashing after wiping cache and dalvik cache.
Sorry for the long delay, i did that, the problem was the same, after clicking on 2g/3g my phone freezed..

Couldnt make the 3g text to show neither...

And the last question, is the 3g video call working ?