Titanium Backup restored apps not starting


Sep 18, 2021
Migration Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, HavocOS, Android 9 -> Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, MIUI xiaomi.eu 12.5.12, Android 11, rooted by Magisk

First I was able to fix the issue that Restore was stuckat 0% without making progress by unsetting this option in the developer options:
[ ] Verify apps over USB

But then a lot of apps are not starting after the restore. I found that some apps could be fixed by deleting data, starting the app, then restoring data, but some apps have still not been starting with the restored data. Some apps even required an uninstallation by Playstore and a new installation, then restoring data by TB.

The apps that don't allow restoring data by TB at all: SolidExplorer, Foldersync Pro
These apps are important as they include complex configurations. I need to use the app-internal import/export to restore those apps.
On the other hand this quite complex app was restoring without issues: Aquamail

Titanium Backup was more an issue than a useful app on this migration, while I'm using TB since more than 6 years successfully.

Then I'm not able to restore Wifi and Bluetooth bondings.

Any idea how to solve all that? Is Swift Backup the better alternative today?
I am also a long-time user of TB, been happy for many years...Sadly TB seems to be heavily outdated and not maintained (last update 2019), which is why I switched to Swift Backup !

As to the effect you describe: this seems to be increasingly "normal" with many apps, also when restoring from Swift Backup. In all those cases what worked was to clear data and set the apps up afresh.....
Swift was restoring almost everything successfully here. Only Nova Launcher Widgets have been restored partly without configuration, just the widget placeholder which creates a new widget on tapping. I didn't find a way to restore all widgets with configuration.
I made the switch to Swift a few weeks ago.
TB is a steaming mess. So many bugs, so little response.

BTW, I found a workaround for frozen batch restores: I open the store in parallel, install the app, then TB picks is up, restores the data and moves on.

This is something you'd do once, grow tired and use Swift instead.