To Mark and other admins or people doing the ports. Also to the general public.


May 10, 2011
Ok to the other team members I have tried to get in contact with mark for a good while now to get the cdma section updated. Along with do something about all the stupid spam. So I guess my question is does anyone know how to actually get a hold of mark or someone that will do something? With the 2nd question does the admins of other sections see the spam posts out the rear that I keep seeing?

Then I am sorry to say this but this place is going down hill. There isn't much for management, stuff is broke, and you can't get in contact with other team members. So I am sure some would be willing to help to fix things and better manage the forums. Not saying the others like myself aren't doing what they can. I just think most are to busy to do everything.

So we need to get more people to manage and even a admin only section. Or a porting only section to discuss adding to even the built in updater app. I am sure other porters are out of the loop as far as I am not being able to get a hold of the people behind it all.

Then goes to the other crap that has been going on. All this spamming the in threads or twitter is getting about old. They do not mention us at all for getting a rom. Just clear childish bashing. When you guys keep doing this it is like saying to us that our ports over here is crap, use that one. I am not picking sides either but it is just stupid.

As for this whole twitter back and forth crap grow up. The people, trey and mark. I don't know what happened before neither do I care. But the constant crap is getting old. Then I can see where mark would get pissed of because of it but just be the bigger man and say what ever. Though mark the american comment wasn't needed. I am proud to be a American myself. How ever who cares where people are from.

Any way everyone needs to grow up and get this crap on track. Stop the bashing and childish crap. Do what you do best if it be porting the roms, doing support or making the place enjoyable. :) I had my saying and mark for like the 4th time pm me.

Edit: Well looks like the twitter crap has died off over the past few days. Then some wounds have been fixed so I edited the post. Shows you should check twitter more but o well.
If I could "like" this post, I would! I've been echoing this sentiment for a while.

With no clear way to give feedback, make requests etc it really does hold back the forum, and the ROM.

Forum is not user friendly with almost no one offering help to those needing it (I always chip in when I can).

I recently wrote a review of miui vs cm7, and one of the major points was the support of the cm7 community which is really, really good. It's just not present here.

That reason alone makes me want to switch back to cm7.

Interested to great others thoughts on this too.
Yeah the forums are certainly in a bad place atm. What it needs is a good tidy up and a few more hands on deck. I would open up a few positions for volunteers, but do it right. If you 'employ' the wrong people it will make the forum go down hill, but a couple of friendly yet firm moderators can do wonders you wouldn't believe and really bring a community together. The wrong ones will push it apart.
Well see most of the mods we have is the porters. Myself I am all the time busy to keep checking in with issues. How ever I tend to find it pointless to keep posting stuff in the cdma desire section for it not to even get updated on the rom page. Like I know some will go straight to the rom section looking at the version instead of going to the forums to see if it was updated.

I have also been trying to get a hold of mark to add the bravoc to the built in updater. Going on I think a month now which I haven't been able to get a hold of him. Though I haven't tried on twitter as I really tend to not like it.

I also do not like these changes coming the end of the month due to the previous threats of shutting down everything. Since info between staff doesn't exist. I have no idea what is going on.Which kind of sucks.