New Trying To Sign In, But....

May 3, 2016
Hello, not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but I can't login after registering. I also tired changing my password several times and still no luck. I'm trying to request to unlock my MI5

Below is the error I get after Google did translation.

Login failed, please try again

If your browser does not support frames, please click on this link

May 3, 2016
have the same problem. I got a SMS that I have premission to unlock the phone but can't get connect to the site. Any suggestion why????
You are one step ahead of me. My issue is I can't sign via wwwDOTmiuiDOTcom or enDOTmuiDOTcom. I have an account and could login using MI Account app that came with the MI5 phone.

Its been 2 days that I have been send email back an forth with Xiaomi support but its not getting anywhere...

This is starting to get really frustrating, I purposely purchased the phone knowing that I can unlock it.

Keep in touch and let me know if you manage to unlock your phone and I presume you have the MI5 as well ?
May 4, 2016
Yeah, it's realy frustating and I know what you mean.
I have Redmi Note Pro 3 and I'm using it but I have just the basics apps and many apps in chinese.... :-(
Don't know why they did it so complicated.....!