TWRP recovery mode is gone ....


Apr 19, 2014
Hello together, I need your help ....

after installing the new 9.5.9 version on my Mi9, my twrp is gone .... that happend never before.

When I start the recovery mode, the phone is in a small bootloop and then the normal system starts.

So I flashed again the twrp, I have tried 3 different files:
  • twrp-3.2.3-10-cepheus-mauronofrio(1).img
  • twrp_cepheus.img
The result is the same.... no chance to start in recovery with twrp. The phone starts in a bootloop and then the normal system starts.

Anybody there who can help me ?

Regrads Kater

This helps:!CH5jgYTB!yNqOiVoo3cf0_15jIwZ-btO52cvpOG7iZrRCe19V2Nc

Other users told that this twrp version is working as well:!WOZEBCpD!UlyCdDaP-UxuwvzLzDE4yzaqi5qMz-I8iOkseQ5gmP0

Thank you !!!
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Aug 8, 2018
Try an app called Flashify. It installs recovery from the system and there you've got a button that redirects you right into recovery mode. If it doesn't help you, then try another recovery. UPD. As for me and my mi8 it was a big problem too, because none of recoveries were optimized at that time, so..