Unable to root HTC desire froyo 2.2 after unrooting through RUU


Feb 12, 2011
i tried to root my phone again using unrevoked 3.3.2 and when it try to push recovery and the error coming is

Validation error :Backup CID is missing

have u got some idea how to get root access again n how to install custom recovery

with this RUU i got the following details

android version
baseband version
kernal version
build number
2.25.771.1CL254759 release-keys
software number
browser version
webkit 3.1
Hboot 0.93

and its unrooted desire with the all original factory settings

Froyo 2.2

If I go on hoot and go to recovery then I only see a red triangle no other option.

I can temp root using some apps but I get unrooting after everyboot. I also used terminal emulator to install clockworkmod/amonra recoveries but no luck.

I will be happy if u guys could guide me to root n install custom recovery as without these two I can not load custom Rom miui which I just dieing for.

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