Tutorial How To Update/upgrade Miui?

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    How to upgrade/update MIUI?

    This tutorial will explain in great detail how to upgrade MIUI in the following situations.
    1. I'm running an older MIUIAndroid build and wish to upgrade.
    2. I'm running MIUI from some other website or XDA (Unofficial), but want to upgrade.
    3. I'm ready to move from MIUI [GB] to MIUI [ICS].
    4. This is my first time on MIUI.
    Throughout the tutorial brackets will explain what to do.
    • [1,2] - Means only those who fall into spots 1 and 2 need to worry about this step.
    • [ALL] - Means everyone needs to follow this.
    • [4] - Means just anyone who falls in that 4th category.
    Step 1: Getting the Files - [ALL]
    This may seem easy for some people, but we will be covering all possible points of mistake. First off, lets click this ROMs tab on the top of the page. Also, here: http://miuiandroid.com/community/link-forums/roms.73/

    This will redirect us to the newest ROM. ROMs come out every friday, and you can determine the current version by looking at the date. As MIUI version number system is as follows. Year.Month.Day, so Year 1 = 2011, Year 2 = 2012. Hence, why we are running in the 2.2.x branch now. Its the 2nd year in February (Time when this tutorial was written).

    The basic dialog pop up. Lets just download this to our desktop. We will be moving it shortly.


    Now back on our phone, lets mount our SD card. Simply drop down the notification menu and click the "Mount SD Card" option.

    Wait about 15 seconds until your computer detects the removable storage.

    We just want to explore the storage, as our download has already ended. We are now going to drag and drop that file into the ROOT of the SDCard. ROOT in this context means the "main" part of the SD Card. It means you cannot go back any further. You are in the root of the drive.
    (Notice how the miuiandroid_DHD-2.2.17.zip, is on my sd card)

    Step 2 - Rebooting into Recovery - [ALL]
    This is fairly straight forward. Simply open up "Rom Manager", which you should have installed if your rooted. If you don't have Rom Manager installed. Install it. Its a must for any rooted user.

    The home screen of Rom Manager has a button labeled "Reboot into Recovery". You want to click this. Then after about 30 seconds of a reboot you will be at the home screen of Clockwork Recovery, also known as just "recovery mode". You use the volume buttons to navigate the screen and the power button to click items. If you have a "touch enabled" recovery you can simply click the options.

    Step 2a - OPTIONAL - Backup - [ALL]
    There is an option to do a "nandroid" backup. This backup copies your /system and various partitions into a huge image file, in which you can reflash in can of an error. If you are nervous about any part of this process. I highly recommend doing this. Simply from the home of recovery mode. Click "backup and restore", then click "Backup". The system will be back-ed up. This takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes (depending on size of phone & apps).

    Step 3 - System Wipe - [3,4]
    To confirm. Only users who fall in categories 3 and 4 from above SHOULD follow this step. We will be wiping the data. We have to do this because the way data is stored is vastly different in MIUI from other versions. So confirm that you have your contacts back-ed up to Google and you have made a nandroid backup from Step 2a.

    After you click "Wipe data/factory reset". You will be presented with a list of NOs and one Yes. This is just a security precaution to prevent accidental clicks. Simply use your volume buttons to navigate the menu and find the one option that says "Yes -- delete all user data". This can be seen below.

    Step 4 - Cache Wipe & Dalvik Cache Wipe - [ALL]
    This is a good practice to do this before flashing any ROM. The /cache partition just stores temporary files that are not critical to device operation and can be re-generated easily. The dalvik cache wipe is quite similar but it stores the post ran java applications. Since Android is JAVA based, it uses the same java virtual machine for compiling. The dalvik cache just stores post-compiled applications in order to speed up the system. Wiping this just forces the system to re-cache those application. It causes no problems but a slight hint of lag on first boot.

    You can wipe the cache by selecting "Wipe cache partition" on the recovery home screen. You will be presented with the same NOs and YES options that were presented in prior steps. Simply find the option that says "Yes -- Wipe Cache" and click it. (As seen below)

    The dalvik cache can be wiped by selecting the "advanced" option, then locating the "Wipe Dalvik Cache" option. You will be presented with same format as above. Click "Yes -- Wipe Dalvik Cache" (as seen below).

    Step 5 - Flashing the ROM - [ALL]
    Now that our system is wiped and ready for a ROM. We can proceed to flash one. An option on the home screen of recovery is labeled: "Install zip from sd card". (As seen below).

    The next option you must select is "Select zip from sd card". (as shown below).

    You are now shown a huge list of all your files and folders. Since we dumped the ROM into the root of the sd card. You can simply scroll down to the bottom to see the list of ZIP files.

    Make sure you flash the ROM you are intending to. In this tutorial, I will be flashing "miuiandroid_DHD-2.2.17.zip". The DHD refers to my phone. Which is the DHD or HTC Desire HD. You have to flash the ROM for the phone it belongs. Once you select the ROM, you will once again be provided with the same list of NOs and one Yes. I hope we know how to handle this now. (shown below).

    Congrats. You are now flashing the ROM.

    This will take anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute (at the most). Then you will be presented with the screen below.

    If you notice the text at the bottom. It says "Install from sd card complete". Now if you have a kernel or another patch you wish to flash. Follow Step 5 again, except using that file. I usually flash a different kernel. So I simply go back to "Install from sd card" and repeat. Note that is completely optional, but as you get more experience you will want more for your phone.

    Step 6 - Rebooting - [ALL]
    Keep clicking the "+++ Go Back +++" until you are back at the home screen of recovery. Then click the "Reboot system now", as shown below.


    Now you wait for MIUI to launch. This chart explains the average wait time for first boot.
    • 1st time on MIUI = 1 minute
    • 1st time in MIUI v4 = 2 minutes
    • Upgrading MIUI = 25 seconds
    So do not panic if you seem to be in a boot loop.

    Step 7 - Were Done - [ALL]
    If completed succesfully, the MIUI lock screen is shown.

    I'd wait till your sd card mounts itself before navigating the menu. It makes for a smoother experience.
    Common Issues

    Help! I'm bootlooping!
    If you are in a boot loop. You must of not followed this tutorial exactly. You can plug your phone into the computer, while its bootlooping and issue the following command using ADB.
    adb reboot recovery
    If you do not have ADB. You can Google for your phone's recovery keys. My phone is holding "Vol Down and Power" during start up. Then you will be back at either HBOOT or recovery mode. If you are at HBOOT. Select the option "Boot Recovery"

    No Signature, Verification Failed Error
    This is a simple fix. On the screen shown below.
    Simply click "toggle signature verification".

    I don't have clockwordmod recovery.
    Reboot your phone back to the OS, install ROM Manager and follow the instructions in it to flash ClockworkMod Recovery.
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    Thanks to this useful tutorial, I could successfully upgrade my Google Nexus S from Miui 2.3.7c to 2.2.17, after some failed attempts due to not having wiped data and reset to factory defaults.
    Now my problem is that I want to backup and restore all my apps and data. I've tried backing up apps+data with Titanium Backup Pro while on Miui 2.3.7c and restoring after the upgrade to Miui 2.2.17 having enabled the option to migrate system data. The restore is apparently successful but at reboot, it hangs on the Miui logo.
    Can you suggest something to try? I'd be super grateful!
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    You cannot restore system data using Titanium. At not least for every application. Most MIUI applications have different structure, so once you overwrite the system data with that original file structure, MIUI doesn't know how to handle that, so it won't boot.

    The safe thing. If MIUI has an app, or customized a system app. Do not import that system data.
    Example of things you do NOT migrate.
    • MMS
    • Settings
    • Launcher
    • Certificate Installer
    • Package Installer
    • Superuser
    • Status Bar
    • Sound Recorder
    • Network Location
    • Market Updater
    • Downloads
    • Download Manager
    • User Feedback
    Those are just off the top of my head.
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    Thank you for your reply!
    So, that's a list of things I should not migrate. Then how can I migrate the things that I can migrate?
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    Do that slow "pick and choose" option in Titanium and if one of those apps pops up asking to restore, click "no".
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    Hi, I am having the MI One plus model phone bought it yesterday it runs on 2.3.5n MIUI. I want to upgrade it to 2.3.9c. I am afraid that how to do it. I already download the 2.3.9c rom and placed in SD card downloaded_rom. I don't know how to install the ROM Manager or any applications/games. And don't know how to make partition and back ups because i am new to Android and MIUI. I can see the MI-Recovery 1.1.0 with options to install..can I proceed to install or need to do anything else. Please advise.
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    I've forwarded this question to someone who owns an Mi One and can help more. It has been answered here: http://miuiandroid.com/community/th...m-tether-acore-fixed.15665/page-2#post-112411
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    I cant get past step 2. The phone simply displays a yellow exclamation point in a triangle with the icon of a phone.

    I have a Motorola Milestone XT720 that's running on the Cincinnati Bell 2.2 (I upgraded it myself from a guide by reverendkjr in xda-dev/youtube) Im sure the phone is already rooted.

    Do I need to go back to the stock 2.1.xx before attempting to go MIUI?
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    you should just put the ROM on the SDCARD then
    reboot your phone in recovery mode

    POWER + VOL UP + half press camera button (if that is same on all phone lol)

    if you do not have recovery installed (you should have since you run a custom rom) go to clockworkmod and install (it's a simple CMD file with some others ADB etc...)

    once you are in recovery mode you go to install from zip
    choose zip from sdcard
    install the "ROM"
    now clear DALVIK CACHE etc... (it's really better)

    then reboot

    if you got FC or else... well that mean you will probably have to wipe all... then MIUI will be unleashed...

    after each upgrade are easy.
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    i need help i download miui 2.11.26 and installed it on my phone then i reboot and the at&t screen just stood there what do do
  12. TheWierd

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    Great guide mate!
  13. iBotPeaches

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    Refollow the tutorial, except pay attention to wiping /cache and what not. Seems like a simple wiping problem.
  14. Kishore Kumar

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    Superb Guide Dude!
    I have one question...
    I could not find the option of Horizontal lock screen any where in MIUI...could u help me?
  15. bgkoussa

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    This a good guide. Is there a way to use the updater though? It always says that there is no new version even though there is one! Please advice...
  16. iBotPeaches

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    The Updater uses SOO much bandwidth because literally 1000000s of people start downloading and our servers get handled. We are looking at a way to stagger releases on phones.
  17. bgkoussa

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    Oh ok thanks, I guess I'll manually download and update then. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  18. Kishore Kumar

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    Superb Guide Dude!
    I have one question...
    I could not find the option of Horizontal lock screen any where in MIUI...could u help me?
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    I tried to update the ROM through OTA. Run updater, new version was detected (2.3.23). When I hit the new version tab the attached screen appeared. My understanding is that it should list a change log file related to the discovered update. The download itself started and finished successfully. Two questions to help understand better how OTA update works

    - what is wrong with the change log file? Was it really missed on the server? Or should I configure the phone somehow to see the changes?

    - why the whole ROM was downloaded? I expected to see only updates over my current version (2.3.16) loaded

    Thanks a lot

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    Thanx A loooooot for this Tutorial
  21. vhomdutt

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    How to upgrade from 2.3.5s to ICS
  22. towsif

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    Hi i just flashed my Arc S with MiUI 2.3.30 ICS and i love it!! i was wondering if i can upgrade to 2.4.2 without wiping user data. Also, the fonts on my lockscreen have not changed to English. I am newbie at modding and flashing so will really appreciate a detailed guide, and things i should watch out for. Thanks.
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    If your already on ICS, you can re-flash without wiping data. I would just wipe /dalvik and /cache to be sure. If errors are present though, a full wipe is recommended. ICS is still in lots of work, so sometimes a full wipe is required :/
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    thanks...upgraded it and its working fine...some bugs here and there though...im sure they will be ironed out in the future builds :)
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    I have a question. In CWM when I want to wipe data/factory reset it says..

    Wiping data...
    Formatting /data...
    Formatting /cache...
    Formatting /sd-ext...
    Formatting /sdcard/.android_secure...
    Error mounting/sdcard/.android_secure!
    Skipping format...
    Data wipe complete.

    How can I do this right? Tnx for the help in advanced.

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