New Unwanted Bookmarks Appear In Miui Browser


Mar 25, 2016
Hi guys.

I've been noticing since I first bought the phone that from time to time some bookmarks appear on the homescreen. I really have no idea why this happens.

I've checked it out and the bookmarks that appear are just the same as in "Top sites". I never visit those websites, they were in that folder since the begginning.

I've attached a screenshot so that you can see what I am talking about.

The unwanted bookmarks are from MakeMyTrip onwards.

It's very annoying. If someone can help me out with any solution I would really appreciate it.
Jul 21, 2016
Hi there!

I'm having exactly the same problem. Every once and then I delete those bookmarks, but after some time they would reappear. Are there any known solutions yet?
Jun 20, 2016
The funny thing is I just resign from MIUI beta team because of adware in cleaner app.
But I still have unwanted icon and news feed in default browser 060915 rom.
If you check official global rom zip file cust/in (india) you will see there is an extra zip called which I think it's the cause of unwanted bookmark.( bacause rom default cust.prob is IN )
So I change cust.prob region from IN to other.
Hope there is no more adware coming again.
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Jun 20, 2016
I think bookmarks are pushed by official depending on your locale.
I did change cust.prob and it really work s. But you need to do it every time you flash new rom. Hope Mod remove it from rom too.