Updater show me ever "you have allready the newest version"


Sep 16, 2018
Hey, ive order my Mi Max 3 by Xiaomi Global Shop it came with Miui 10 Global 8.8.3.

In the Updater it shows me that an Update to 8.9.20 is available and that i can download 1.5G but when i press download it Says that ive the newest version and dont download it.

So i had try it with the option by the updater Install from SD-Card i had try it, i had download the newest from for this phone and pick the zip file. The phone shutdown and u see short the Mi logo and that it looks like that it crash the screen go black and it came the mi logo again and it turn on normaly.

Also stand by this phone under the Mi logo when i start "Unlocked" what does it mean?

And how can i update? Via Fastboot?