vibrate buttons ...

Jan 29, 2013
Goodmorning people

today i upgrade my Xiaomi Mi2 to Miui V5
until now i was using V4 and i was very satisfy..

but now i have some questions

1. when i am going to write a msg or when am typing a name in contacts
the buttons are not vibrate when am holding them, how can add this ??
(i mean i want when i am writing a msg each button i hold to vibrade like V4)

2. what are the exact size/demession of the wall papers in the phone ?? because i want to modify my current wallpaper !!

thats for now !!
thanks for now !!


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Aug 20, 2011
Settings > Sound > Sound then keypress (or haptic feedback).
But vibration when writing is from keyboard. Check your keyboard settings if a vibration is turned off.