"Waiting for SD card to mount" when trying to update using Update app.

Raphaël Briand

Mar 15, 2012
I can update by saving the zip to my sd card and then flashing, there's nothing wrong with that. But I'd really like to use the MIUI update app.

Opened the app, downloaded the update, pressed "update now" and then "boot to update", all fine. Then it boots into something similar to clockworkmod recovery and says:

Waiting for SD card to mount (20s)
Waiting for SD card to mount (19s)
Waiting for SD card to mount (18s)

until it times out and reboots the device without having updated. Booting to normal clockworkmod recovery is fine. I have an internal SD card but no external SD card. Any ideas?
I have the same thing going on. I notice that it displays some error after the repetitive waiting messages but I cannot read it because it's being displayed only for under 200ms.
Its trying to use Mi Recovery. Loading an ZIP to auto flash is very difficult. CWM has its own way to do it, Mi Recovery has its own way. TWERP recovery has its own way.

Point being, someone needs to make a unified method to "send ZIPs to update to recovery". Its not like normal Android apk communication. The device is sending information to recovery to trigger an auto flash of x zip. That only works on MiRecovery.

Since CWM has a lot more features that Mi Recovery, I recommend just using Updater.apk to download and booting into CWM to flash. We hope to talk to Xiaomi to build broader recovery support into later versions.
I ran into the same problem as the original poster. The problem is that your SD card is not partitioned. Android seems to have no problem in accessing a unpartitioned SD card but CWM does. So the solution is to backup all the data on the SD card, partition and format the SD card (FAT32), and then recopy all your data on it. Once you do so, you won't run into the above problem. HTH