Weekly reflash with DT A2sd and Cache2sd


May 12, 2011
Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been posted umpteen time, as I am new to Miui.

I am currently running MIUI on HTC HD2 (miserable 1GB RAM on board, therefore did DT A2sd + cache2sd for an additional 1 GB for apps)

What I know:
To do weekly refresh,
1. Do MIUI Backup.
2. Wipe D Cache and Cache.
3. Flash new ROM.
4. Restore from MIUI backup.

To reactivate Cache 2 sd after flashing, in Terminal Emulator, do:
a2sd cachesd

Now, the problem is presently, I do not have enough ROM (~70MB) for the D cache to be stored within the ROM itself, as it is moved to the Ext3 partition now as part of Cache 2 SD. But from what I understand, when we wipe D Cache, android will create a new one on boot.

What happens when there is not enough space in the ROM (like in my case) for the D cache to be created before flashing with a new MIUI?

Can this standard procedure still work?


May 29, 2011
Just the content will be recreated, not the partition itself, so don't fear from this problem, if I'm right...

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