where can I find ics versions to download?

Feb 26, 2012

I have upgrade my nexus s for several times... Despite the updates are really awesome specially the JB version, I have to fence the fact that my lovely google nexus s is not powerful enough to handle with this news versions that are coming.

I have done everything to make it runs properly (I mean fast) like erasing data, deleting apps, clean the right cache... And all the stuffs that people do in this forum...

I know I have to change it... Buy something new like the nexus 4 or Galaxy S3. Seems that March or May we will have Galaxy S4 on the market...

While I decide that anybody has a tip of the best version that has been created of MIUI to Google Nexus S?

From my side, I really believe it was ICS's ones... But I do not know which one is the best, or more stable... and also.. and MOST IMPORTANT THING: WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD IT!!! (almost all links from here are brooked)



Mar 20, 2012
Search on goo.im, you can find a lot of releases in ibotpeaches' folder ;)

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