1. N

    New Video Stuttering Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

    My Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is running on the latest MIUI 12.5 stable ROM and i am having problems with video stuttering. I am writing in this section, but i am not sure if this is a bug related with the ROM, because this problem is here for a couple of days. I had really gut videos with this...
  2. NewRomNewMe

    Invalid Gallery

    Device: MI 9T pro/K20 pro ROM: MIUI EU 12.0.6 stable *sighs* This is the second bug I encountered in this rom and frankly this one alone should disqualify it as "stable". Any video, be it recorded from camera or downloaded, is redirected to " move to" option instead of being played. 3rd day in...
  3. GianSegugio

    New Mi 10 Ultra HDR metadata bug in stock gallery app

    I was testing some HDR10 recordings from the main sensor using Pro mode in the default camera app. While reviewing the clips in the stock gallery app, I noticed that HDR metadata are applied while on portrait, but aren't while on landscape, leaving me with a pretty washed out result. To support...
  4. C

    Xiaomi Video Doorbell

    Does anyone [residing in Europe] have the Xiaomi video doorbell? I wonder if its use is restricted to China via geoblocking or if it can in fact be used in Europe. I'm already stuck with two Xiaomi Dafang cameras that are geoblocked and are basically expensive paperweights :( I'd appreciate your...
  5. Shaonbd

    Invalid Video Recording not works redmi 6 pro

    Video Recording not works redmi 6 pro after updating latest xiaomi eu pie rom. Also Uc browser not connected to the internet. please fix this problem in next update.
  6. devang98

    Is There A Video Showcasing The .eu Rom On Mix 2s

    It would be great to see any video on the rom installed on Mix 2S, is there any video as I was not able to find one
  7. Daniele Dellafiore

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook And Usb Type-c Video

    Hi. I've connected the USB Type-C to an external monitor DisplayPort IN with a cable "CHOETECH USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz) - USB 3.1 Type C (Thunderbolt 3 Compatible)" The effect is that the OS can see the display connected, right display, right resolution. But sends no signal. Also...
  8. D

    Mi 5 Video Quality - Any Updates Simce Original Release?

    hello, was there any software / os update to video quality for mi5 since the phone was originally launched? considering buying this one, but all the reviews based on original os / software with which the phone was launched were stating that despite great hardware, the quality of video and...
  9. rgxci

    Video Tutorial For Upgrading Rom?

    Hello, is there anywhere on Youtube/etc. a good and detailed Video how to upgrade for example from Xiaomi Global to custom ROM? I did it last time 9 months ago, and I have no idea how I solved it from the beginning till the end. Because you always need a new/old ADB, new recovery...
  10. F

    Distorted Sound In Video Recording / Noise Reduction

    Hi guys , i'm a newbie I have Xiaomi mi5s 3/64 with EU 7.2.9 weekly. Last week I attended a party in a club in Italy with a famous dj. I use my smartphone to record more videos as I can because I use those in a facebook page . I noticed that all the videos have distorted sound (especially...
  11. lorek123

    New Video Watchable In Gallery, But Not In Any Other App

    Hi! I'm using 6.12.8 version of rom on mi5. I've recorded a video with default Camera app, and i can watch it in Videos. Unfortunately i see only one frame of the video, when i open it on PC or in QuickPic app. Sound is playing normally in all cases. Could you tell me how can i fix this?
  12. M

    Snapchat Video Quality

    Hello, I know, this is a problem on all MIUI Roms atm, but I hope that someone knows a solution. When I record a video with the stock camera, it changes the shutter speed to look smooth. Snapchat doesnt do that (like on my old Phone) on this phone. It's impossible to make videos on low light...
  13. J

    New Video Recording Problem Fps

    Hi I'm recording, but the frame rate is under 30 fps in 4K, 1080p,720p and 480p. I'm using 6.8.4 xiaomi EU. It's a general problem? or i do something wrong?
  14. J

    Video Recording Problem

    Hi im recording, but the frame rate is under 30 fps in 4K, 1080p,720p and 480p. I'm using 6.8.4 xiaomi EU. It's a general problem?
  15. nlacsoft

    Autofocus During Video?

    Hi, auto focusing during video seems like doesn't work at all (Redmi 3 Pro, latest EU ROM). The focus is fixed on some value, doesn't change. Is it normal? Any experience with it?
  16. Patit

    Gallery Video Playing Landscape Mode

    Hello everyone, I'm on 6.7.21 ROM and whenever I record a video in landscape mode, when I want to play it from the gallery, when I rotate the phone, the video keeps rotating (even with auto rotate off), so that I cannot see it in landscape after all. Anyone else with this problem...
  17. V

    Audio Recorder Mi5 Is Bad

    The audio recording MI5 in the video and voice notes, is very bad, no low frequencies, in 200Hz down does not record anything. You can fix this by updates? or the microphone is bad?
  18. A

    New Miui Browser: Full Screen Videos

    Hi everyone, MY DEVICE: LEO (Mi Note Pro) MY VERSION: 6.4.14 I wonder if my asking is a bug or just something that has changed recently but, I noticed that since a few updates the videos played directly by the default browser don't go fullscreen, as they used to do a few updates ago. Has...
  19. T

    How To Not Upload Videos Automatically To Micloud?

    Hi, I have only 5 Gb on micloud storage, so the gallery uploads photos and videos automatically, I woud like to upload only photos to micloud, and have my videos only in my sdcard storage. How can I do that? Please let me know!:) tnks
  20. D

    Video Problem

    Hi, i have this problem maybe from the beginning. When i take a video it's like i zoom the picture, doesnt matter of the quality (HD, FHD or 4K). The photo quality is perfect, but when i switch to video the quality is worst really like a zoom once. Before and after MM 6.0 the problem stays. Is...