Why is the CPU speed always at 1.037 Hhz

Mar 21, 2014
The cpu speed is always at 1.037 Ghz no matter whatever combination of Governor or scheduler you are on...The effect is this...When you change it using No-Frills CPU, the max speed shows 2.266 Ghz. The system is very smooth...After some time the speed goes down to 1.037 and stays there..then the system becomes a little bit unresponsive. Only those who are using programs like No-frills will know this...Any clue..why the speed always goes down even when on "Performance" governor mode with row or cfq as scheduler??


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Aug 20, 2011
And why you're playing with governors without knowledge what youre doing?
I suppose you have Power saving MIUI profile or you have it automated/scheduled in Security center > Power.
The best governor for MI3 is default Ondemand (with source code from 2013 Nexus 5). You should leave those options default along with Row scheduler, which is the best here.
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Mar 24, 2012
I've noticed some weird CPU behavior. The CPU should idle at 300hmz, but recently it would idle at 930mhz. A reboot fixed it and it now idles at 300. Has anyone noticed this?

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