New Wifi SoftAP tethering problem on 13.0.10


Oct 20, 2022
Hello, I have Redmi Note 11 NFC, Model: 2201117TY, Software: MIUI by Stable.
The problem is a very unstable Wi-Fi connection on Android car media when using a Wi-Fi tethering while driving on roads in cities.
Traffic through the connection often stops and is not restored for tens of seconds or minutes.
I did a lot of research on the problem and found that SoftAP on a smartphone scans the environment and changes channels very quickly and often. Basically, the access point switches between channels 1 and 7. The problem is similar to this one.
Also bluetooth often stucks at the same time.
But sometimes (rarely) the access point turns on on channel 6 and does not switch to other channels, then the connection works stably throughout the trip. All this I found out with the help of wifi analyzer app.
Is there any method to force the access point not to switch between channels and use one channel forcibly?
My phone is rooted and I have Magisk installed, so I can make Magisk module to modify /vendor/etc/wifi/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini file, for example.