With the CarrierIQ scandal, I'm worrying if we can trust MIUI

Sean Su

Jul 24, 2011
I hate to ask this question so here's a little context:

Obviously many of us are shocked at how CarrierIQ got away for years with logging everything a person does on their phone. The fact that it was on virtually every Android phone and on the iPhone for years makes me really worried how this went on for so long unnoticed.

MIUI is a fantastic project that is funded and worked on by a great graphics and dev team that rivals any other Android rom out there. However having lived in China for years and experienced first hand how the Chinese government's penchant for totalitarianism has got me worried. Something in the back of my mind worries that MIUI is incredible, maybe too incredible to be true. We've seen how the Chinese government has got their hands dipped in so many tech projects... what are the assurances that MIUI roms aren't under the same pressure? The PRC has every incentive to ensure that its roms and software are tracked and monitored and has taken much action to do so. One can look at alternative linux variants such as Red Flag Linux (based on Red Hat) which have features that facilitate this.

Given that the MIUI source code has not been open sourced yet, has anyone taken the initiative to ensure that MIUI is actually clean or will we find a CarrierIQ-like surprise some time down the line?

PS: I've been using MIUI since its earliest releases. But given that some of my work is sensitive in nature, and given how long CarrierIQ got away with what they do, I'm beginning to worry that I can't trust my favorite rom.
Lookout do a free app to check if carrier IQ is on your phone. Just for the record it says that my phone is clean, running miui 1.12.9
Its clean. Theres been some smart cookies who checked that very thing during the initial releases.