Xiaomi Hybrid Earphones On Cord Controls Troubles

Apr 29, 2016
I have an xiaomi redmi 3 with MIUI (LAICNDL) stable by xiaomi.eu and an Xiami earphones hybrid pro.

I have serious issues with the on cord control of the earphones. Quite often (maybe 1 out of 2 times) when i press Next it fast forwards the song. Same with previous but then it plays the song backwards.
When I press pause/play, it pop ups the google now screen to give a voice command.

So, this behaviour is not consistent. It sometimes does the correct thing but quite often not (as said before, 50% of the time it's wrong). I have already tried to assign the buttons in the settings but doesn't change a thing.

Does someone knows how to resolve this please?

for the record: it has have this behaviour with previous roms as well as with another Mi earphone.